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soft coated wheaten terrier puppy

Update #41 – You Want a Dog?

So you want a dog? That’s awesome! Dogs are a lot of responsibility but will also reward you with love, companionship and a lifetime of happiness, if you’re ready and willing to be a responsible dog owner. In an effort to make Project DOG not only a fun site with cool dog photo book projects, […]

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kira stackhouse

Dear Ellen: Endless Reflection

Dear Ellen, A lot has happened this week. So now that I have my books and I’m trying to sell them, I’m naturally thinking about volume II. But I can’t give up on volume I! I’ve been exploring different ways to get the Project DOG book out there into the world… one being Amazon CreateSpace […]

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jane fonda and richard simmons

Dear Ellen: Let’s Get Physical!

Dear Ellen, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! I seriously haven’t slept more than 3 hours a night for the past year week … I blame jet lag from Hawaii and too much work to do after work. Yeah, AFTER work. Anyway, I wanted to show you Harley and Penny’s halloween costumes! Can you guess who they are? I know, […]

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harley boston terrier

Dear Ellen: Old Habits, New Beginnings

Dear Ellen, It’s been 2 years since I’ve written to you. I think today’s a good day to start writing again because it’s my darling baby boy Harley’s 5th birthday. When I think about my life in San Francisco (9 years, omg), the first 4 were really kind of a blur. I feel like my […]

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